In 2002, Toula Nikolopoulos left for a two-month vacation in Greece. It took her five years to get back home.

She fell in love with the Mediterranean lifestyle and stayed to explore the sights, the sounds and the tastes of her ancestral homeland. Her cultural and culinary odyssey eventually brought her back to East York with a single goal: to share the hospitality and cuisine of Greece with her neighbours.

Within a few weeks of her return, she’d taken over part of the family home at the corner of Oak Park and Lumdsen and transformed it into the Oak Park Deli. Since October of 2006, Toula has been serving made-to-order meals to East York familes through the deli counter, as well as providing catering services to various organizations and for various functions throughout the GTA.

The secret of her success is simple: home-cooked goodness, with a Hellenic twist. It takes a little longer, but the extra care means extra fresh food that you’ll savour with every bite.

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Toula Nikolopoulos

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Family Specials

Got a family event? Want to take a break from the kitchen? Leave the cooking to us. Our family specials are available for pick-up or delivery for your convenience. Family Pizza…


We cater for a large range of different events and locations. We are happy to discuss your event with you and cater to your needs.

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!Deli Closure!

An important update is that due to the extreme weather conditions both our locations will be closed for today. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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